ANSYS provided light simulation based on the physical laws of optics, for the design and engineering of ALMECO aluminium reflectors, unique in the lighting industry.​

This physics-based simulation allowed ALMECO to get ultra-realistic renderings of their future product and make early decisions on their product’s material and texture. ​

ANSYS virtual reality exploration tool enable them to showcase their aluminium expertise in life-like conditions.

With the ANSYS Lighting Suite, develop new luminaires with the highest quality and efficiency, meeting the trends of the global market and using eco-friendly products.

Almeco offers a wide range of services from the idea to the construction and manufacturing of the reflector, integrating the various phases of aluminium production.

Product innovation occupies a prominent position in the ALMECO strategy that, over the years, has devoted a significant proportion of revenue to research and continuous development of solutions. The company is always striving to bring the best of technology to the design of their reflectors that promptly respond to their clients’ specific requirements. ​

The capacities of ANSYS SPEOS make it possible to experience and test reflectors in virtual reality. ALMECO’s customers can now explore several use cases of the reflectors in complete immersion and have a precise idea of the aspect and effect of the reflector’ capacities in its final environment.


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