Automotive lighting is at its most transformational stage since the governments deregulated rectangular and round sealed-beam units in the mid 80s. Today headlamps are becoming intelligent: a pixel headlight is about several millions individually-controlled light sources to perfectly illuminate driver's environment. This sophisticated equipment is meant to set safety and comfort by night to a new level, not only for drivers but for all road users.

VRX 2018 is the driving simulator that reproduces virtually the performance and behavior of advanced headlighting systems: AFS, ADB matrix beam and the new pixel beam so that to bring intelligence to them.

First, you experience in dynamic your pixel headlights in realistic conditions of traffic. You assess performances in any hazardous situation.

Then, you design properly and precisely the control law to improve both visibility and perceived quality. You replace real night tests and make headlight settings simple to tune. 

And finally you not only never fail a consumer rating again, but you can guarantee your spot among the top-rated vehicles.

Discover the exciting and exclusive new features of VRX 2018 dedicated to headlamp design and how, by moving to OPTIS virtual prototyping, you not only improve your advanced systems but also significantly reduce its time to market.


 Jacques Delacour    CEO and OPTIS Founder 

Driver Seat

Excel in pixel headlight for pioneering driver assistance and communication

The new generation of pixel beam headlamp marks a technological leap in automotive lighting to create significant safety bonus when driving at night.

First by precisely adjusting to the corresponding traffic situations, it provides optimum lighting conditions at all times without dazzling other drivers. Besides high definition pixel technology turns lighting into an innovative Augmented Reality feature, displaying directly on the road useful light and information for both drivers and pedestrians. 

More, fine tuning is required to ensure added comfort and safety: That’s the proposal of VRX. 

You experience the performance of your virtual prototype in a driving simulator with realistic traffic conditions. You define the resolution of your device, dealing with up to millions of micro-mirrors. You adjust accurately the control logic to maximize quantity of light on the road while avoiding glare on oncoming cars. And you can even define, eye to eye with road users, a pioneering communication feature, promising to improve safety when driving at night. 

  Performance: You run the simulation in realistic conditions to adjust precisely in real time the Micro-Optoelectronic Mechanical Systems (MOEMS) and the control law. Thus, you make sure to deliver a highly qualitative Augmented Reality lighting, adapted to all conditions, for both your customers and the other road users, which is important for brand image.

  Productivity: Thanks to a complete closed loop simulation, you iterate more efficiently between optical, mechanical and system engineers. You are able to quickly optimize designs and reduce the time to market. Moreover by virtually performing a major part of your “test and validation”, you reduce significantly the cost.

  Human aspect: Having road users in the loop in development phase, you develop a relevant pioneering driver assistance that facilitates communication. You virtually validate safety and comfort improvements brought directly to drivers and pedestrians. Especially important, you validate dangerous scenarios without any risk and you avoid tiring night driving test.

  Expert tools: This knowledge based tool makes the analysis efficient for all users: real-time, intuitive and easy to understand. Take advantage of an expert tool to precisely define the number of pixels required and how to control them.

  Connection between our products: Directly iterate with OPTIS SPEOS to take advantage of a dedicated application to accurately qualify your MOEMS.


Ensure success with the IIHS dynamic tests

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is one of the most influential auto ratings. In light of the large number of automotive companies failing IIHS headlamp tests on their 2016 models, something needed to be done.

Now with VRX, you dynamically assess the virtual prototype of your headlamp system against IIHS standards. And you generate a detailed report accurately explaining where it needs to be improved.

 Performance - Numerical Certification: There is no need to implement new physical prototyping procedures: the numerical certification of your virtual prototype against IIHS allows you to validate your system faster and at a lower cost. OPTIS Simulation are certified according to CIE-171 standard.

 Ease of use: It’s easy to implement, as the tests are integrated in the existing assessment process of the headlamp system. You take advantage of an expert tool, even if you are not an expert.

 Expert tools: Thanks to an accurate and complete analysis against IIHS criteria, you are able to make reliable decisions: you optimize lighting systems and control laws to augment the score of the ratings.

Co-simulation for more detailed environments, scenario and vehicle dynamics

The challenge of virtual testing is to reproduce the “incredible” diversity of life, with an appropriate degree of accuracy. This is mandatory to reliably test and validate your intelligent lighting systems.


VRX accurately simulates the performances of light, human vision and material interaction. And now, with the new Co-simulation application, you can improve the definition of the virtual scene by creating detailed environments and vehicle behaviors. You will re-create realistic roads with specific curves, intersections and hills, add pedestrians and traffic lights, and accurately assign a dynamics to the vehicles of the scene.

 Expert tools – link to the environment:  OPTIS package includes on demand third party software to define rich scenario, environments and accurate vehicle dynamics. Depending on your requirements and needs, VRX for Headlamp supports Oktal SCANeR®Mechanical Simulation Corporation CarSim® and VI-grade VI-DriveSim®.  

 Productivity - reliable decision: Co-Simulation makes VRX more versatile and effective. You build exactly the scenario you want to reproduce with the detailed elements and behaviors. And the simulation is true to life as you apply physics based materials (from OPTIS Library) and physics based dynamics on all elements of the virtual scene.

 Ease of use: Save time and costs by accessing a library of 3D objects to build your custom environment and scenario virtually. Recreating the conditions of reality, you virtually perform the millions of kilometers required to reliably validate your ADAS headlight.

 Human aspect: Rich environment and vehicle dynamics push the realism for an immersive experience. Eye to eye with you customers, you reliably validate your innovations in development.