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ANSYS OPTIS Head-Up Display

Embedding optical knowledge and seamless integration in the CAD/PLM environment, it enables drastic improvement within the current development process by anticipating issues at a very early development stage.


Validate HUD feasability in 40 minutes

Validate HUD feasibility in 40 minutes

For each new vehicle in development, the challenge is early stage validation of the technical feasibility of a HUD, according to windshield shape and packaging constraints. Mechanical engineers must be able to design an optical system and improve the perceived quality of the image.

‘ANSYS SPEOS HUD Optical Design’ is an intuitive application dedicated to optimizing layout and shapes directly in your CAD environment. You generate rotation axis and calculate angles for several drivers' sizes. You display the required optical volume.

 Productivity: with ‘ANSYS SPEOS HUD Optical Design’, you validate the feasibility of a HUD in 40 minutes: 30 min to optimize the layout and 10 min for the mirror shape.  

 Collaboration: thanks to CAD/PLM integration, you take advantage of a unified DMU for mechanics and optics.

 Ease of use: it takes less than 1 day to learn how to use it and thanks to the embedded software knowledge, there‘s no need for the user to be an optical expert.

We use ANSYS OPTIS solutions all along the HUD development process from optical
system design, through design performance evaluation to tolerance analysis.
We have saved a lot of time and we have the guarantee of a high quality.

Sanghyeon OH | Optical Engineer - HUD development team | LG ELECTRONICS

Validate HUD performances in 30 minutes

When designing a HUD, the first challenge is to objectively qualify the image quality and then compare the performances of several technical options.

‘ANSYS SPEOS HUD Optical Analysis’ is an intuitive application dedicated to scoring optical and vision performances. You are able to check the compliance against your own acceptance criteria.

Validate HUD performances in 30 minutes

 Productivity: there is no need for optical expertise to prepare, simulate, and build a report in less than 30 minutes.

 Collaboration: Thanks to CAD/PLM integration, there is a seamless interface between mechanics and optics.

 Ease of use: “ANSYS SPEOS HUD Optical Analysis” offers an intuitive visualization directly in your CAD environment. And the reports are customizable to fit with your own HUD specifications.


Boost the perceived value of your brand

By supplementing the exterior view of the traffic conditions with information in real time for the driver, HUDs take comfort, safety and automotive experience to a new level. Permanently in the driver’s line of sight, the HUD becomes a key feature to convey and boost your brand image. More than just satisfying ergonomic requirements, the information displayed now has to reach your Perceived Quality targets.

ANSYS OPTIS offers a reliable lifelike visual experience of a HUD system still in its virtual state. As soon as the design of the dashboard, pillars, and instrument panel are available, you can create a complete simulation of the driver’s perception to see how the virtual image will be perceived, and this is very early in the process and without a physical prototype.

 Performance - Numerical Certification: Thanks to a unique real-time optical simulation, you can experience the HUD accurately, in lifelike conditions. Eye to eye with the drivers, you ensure that your HUD will reach the Perceived Quality targets, while guaranteeing the tooling. 

 Productivity: Iteration loops between design and experience now take minutes, not days: You save time, and you can try any what-if scenario and dynamically compare different design options in lifelike conditions.  

 VR Connection: Effortlessly plug this solution into VR systems, to make an immersive, true-to-life experience. 

In the past, it was necessary to make the sample and then adjust the corrections each time.
Thanks to ANSYS SPEOS, we can clearly define the tolerances of each component in advance.

Mping Lai | Optical Design Manager - Smart Vehicle Application | LITE-ON

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