What's New in SPEOS 2018

SPEOS 2018 has 3 ambitions to make you see optical simulation in a new light: reinforce your Strength, Expand your creativity and rEvolutionize your process by stretching the limits of digital transformation.


Based on a scientific modelling, SPEOS simulates the complete physics of optics: light, materials in interaction and vision. The integration of these 3 optical phenomena is the key to make you Design by Experience.

SPEOS 2018 packages an unprecedented integration of these fundamentals of optics, giving you even more potential to design and experience in a quicker iterative process. 


SPEOS 2018 interjects advances in optical design allowing you to fabricate surfaces today without rotational symmetry or more generally freeform surfaces.

SPEOS 2018 now integrates innovative know-how on MOEMS (Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Systems) coming from top-notch industries. 


Take benefit from the quintessential HPC technology, combine it with innovative design tools to re-invent the lit appearance of large free-form surfaces and bring Augmented Reality in automotive. Take the lead on the autonomous revolution by simulating the vital component in vehicle sensor vision, the solid-state LiDAR.